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Amyl Guard by Nutraville


Amyl Guard is a weight loss solution that targets the root cause of stubborn belly fat, your high amylase levels and helps bring them back into balance.

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Amyl Guard is formulated with nature’s best amylase inhibitor, combined with other unique ingredients that promote weight loss and support healthy blood sugar levels.

Amylase is an enzyme in the body that converts every carb you consume into fat-storing sugars. As you get older, this particular enzyme multiplies, leading to weight gain and unwanted fat.

What if I told you we found a solution by using nature’s best ingredients? Extracts that are proven effective according to the latest research. Bitter Melon blocks amylase enzymes by up to 69%! When combined with White Kidney Bean Extracts and other special nutrients, you get the ultimate supplement. You will effortlessly burn fat, lose weight, and keep it off.

1 review for Amyl Guard by Nutraville

  1. Susanne

    I have had trouble with digestion & had nasty gas for several years. I have tried many things; some that helped some, others didn’t. But since I started taking this the problem is almost totally reduced. I’m thankful.

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