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BioNerve Plus 1500mg


BioNerve Plus 1500mg is a breakthrough formula designed specifically to treat neuropathy symptoms, reduce your pain, increase nerve health, boost your energy, AND give you more mental clarity!

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BioNerve Plus contains five active ingredients, including:

Passion Flower Herb Powder: Passionflower is a climbing vine native to the Americas. The indigenous peoples of the Americas traditionally used passionflower as a sedative. Today, many people take passionflower as a dietary supplement for anxiety, sleep problems, and other issues.

Marshmallow Root Powder: Marshmallow root powder, also known as althaea, is a type of herbaceous perennial plant native to Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. Also known as the marshmallow plant, the plant lent its name to the candy (not the other way around). Over the years, marshmallow root has been used in traditional medicine for blood flow and overall health and wellness. Today, you can buy dedicated marshmallow extract supplements online.

Corydalis Lutea 4:1: Corydalis lutea, also known as yellow corydalis or rock fumewort, is a perennial plant in the poppy family. It’s native to the Alps, but it’s now grown around the world. Like other ingredients in Bio Nerve Plus, corydalis lutea has a track record of being used in traditional medicine to support overall health and wellness.

Prickly Pear 20:1: Prickly pear, also known as nopal or opuntia, is a spiny cactus used as a cure-all in early Native American societies. Indigenous peoples of the Americas used prickly pear to help with indigestion, heal burn wounds, and support overall health.

California Poppy Seed: California poppy seed is a popular nutritional supplement extract used to help with anxiety, sleep issues, agitation, and overall aches and pains. Available as both a liquid tincture or capsule, California poppy seed appears to have sedative and anxiety-reducing effects according to some studies.

Together, these ingredients help tackle neuropathy from the inside out. BioNerve Plus can give you long-lasting relief from stabbing pains, prickling numbness, and crawling sensations – all without using drugs or creams.

2 reviews for BioNerve Plus 1500mg

  1. Mark

    I have tried a minimum of 30 different products for my nerve pain and this was finally my last stop. I slept well for the first time in years without pain. Love it to say the least.

  2. G. Payne

    First tried in late May 2022 after C4 disc damage and has significantly improved right arm/shoulder pain and tingling feeling. Once 30-day supply taken…will reevaluate, but for now no ‘intense’ pain or tingling; restoring some normalcy of work productivity!

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