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Burn Boost by Gold Vida


Burn Boost is a breakthrough fat-burning formula that focuses on the power of guarana, green coffee bean, glutamine, and a handful of other nutrients.

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Burn Boost, by Gold Vida, is a 100% natural weight loss supplement that uses a distinct approach to turn on the fat-burning switch in your body, resulting in instant weight loss. The formula has been designed after years of research and has been tried by thousands of customers, who have all approved of the results.

Burn Boost is an all-natural weight loss supplement that works by activating your body’s natural fat-burning capabilities, leading to an extra 200 or more calories being burnt every day. These calories add up to over 20 ᏞBᏚ of fat being broken down each month.

The formula works more effectively than all others because it uses a unique mix of ingredients that get to work by triggering lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of stubborn fat into usable fat, which is then metabolized into energy.

Additional information

Weight 1.17 lbs
Dimensions 7.95 × 5.75 × 3.86 in

1 review for Burn Boost by Gold Vida

  1. James

    I feel great! Only been using it for about a month but I definitely notice a difference.

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