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Gluco Burn by Primal Labs


Primal Labs is one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies in the United States. I’ve been working with them now for four years. They’ve helped me publish my books and spread my message across the globe.

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Ingredients in GlucoBurn:

Support healthy blood sugar metabolism. (This means your cells are burning hotter.)

Reduce blood sugar spikes after meals, so you can enjoy mealtime with less worry.

Support healthy fasting blood sugar levels.

Support healthy HbA1c levels.

Stimulate insulin release. (To help push more sugar into cells for better fuel burning.)

May activate insulin receptors.

Mimic naturally occurring insulin. (To give your “QB” insulin a helping hand.)

Increase sugar burning in your body’s cells though the recruitment of sugar transporters (like GLUT4) to the cell surface.

GlucoBurn contains:’
400 mg of a pure form of White Mulberry Leaf Extract with a concentration of 1% DNJ, the sugar blocker.

3 mg of a patented form of Banaba Leaf Extract called GLUCOHELP with .54 mg coroscolic acid, the insulin mimic.

200 mg of a pure form of “ALA”, the super antioxidant.

50 mg of a patented form of Gymnema Sylvestre, called GS4 PLUS, to help slow sugar absorption and stimulate insulin release.

1 review for Gluco Burn by Primal Labs

  1. ThatGuy

    I like that it is helping me control my after meal blood glucose levels,also my triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Won’t know how effective it is until I have used it longer.

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