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HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath


Treat your feet to a relaxing foot bath with HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath that will soothe and rejuvenate tired and overworked feet. The heat boost power heats up water in minutes and maintains a consistent temperature. The foot spa features a 2-in-1 removable pedicure center that includes a pedicure brush and a pumice stone. The footbath was designed with a sea grass surface that soothes your feet. It also includes toe-touch control easy-tote handle and a splash guard for convenience and ease of use.

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HoMedics is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your body de-stress and simplify your life.

REJUVENATES OVERWORKED FEET: Treat your feet after a long day of work with this Bubble Spa Elite Footbath. The massage water jets work to revive your feet by gently massaging and soothing your tired, overworked feet.
HEAT BOOST POWER: Don’t worry about waiting for your water to reach the right temperature. The foot spa can transform cold water into warmer water in just minutes, while maintaining the warm temperature throughout your foot bath.
2-IN-1 PEDICURE CENTER: The foot bath includes a 2-in-1 removable pedicure center that includes two attachments, a pedicure brush for cleansing, and a pumice stone to exfoliate for smooth feet.
COMFORT DESIGN: The Bubble Spa Elite Footbath features a sensuous sea grass surface that provides a stimulating surface that soothes and rejuvenates your feet. It also has an easy-tote handle and splash guard to prevent splashes and spills.
TOE-TOUCH CONTROL: The foot spa was designed with a convenient toe-touch control that allows you to adjust the jets and temperature with your toes, without having to reach down to adjust them.


Additional information

Weight 4.72 lbs
Dimensions 14.75 × 15.5 × 6.75 in

1 review for HoMedics Bubble Spa Elite Footbath

  1. Daniel

    I enjoy this bubble spa elite footbath so much I use it weekly. Fill it with water turn it on it gets warm fairly fast. Comes with all the accessories you need to leave your feet feeling nice and smooth and clean!

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