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iGenics by Sciencegenics


iGenics makes it easier than ever to heal your vision naturally. The ingredients inside iGenics start helping on Day 1.

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iGenics is a natural dietary supplement. It is divided into natural solutions for eye health and improves vision. This formula helps improve vision, protects against eye inflammation and improves the health of the human eye. iGenics is a 100% natural solution, with no side effects, which has been shown to be effective, with clinical evidence. In its formula, iGenics contains 12 effective and proven ingredients in restoring vision, its most powerful ingredient is Ginkgo Biloba.  iGenics is for anyone who wants to help protect and support their eyesight. The ingredients inside are shown in clinical studies to help improve vision… They are 100% natural… And they could make a huge difference in your life. While glasses and expensive surgeries only focus on the symptoms… iGenics gets right to the source of your problem… By targeting the oxidation and inflammation that’s destroying your eyes… So you can have clearer vision and healthier eyes. Plus, iGenics is completely natural… And it’s packaged and distributed in a clean, safe GMP processing facility here in the United States… So you can be sure that it’s 100% safe to use.

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2 × 2.4 in

1 review for iGenics by Sciencegenics

  1. Sara

    I just love it. It makes me feel good everyday and I love knowing that it’s improving my vision. My eyes aren’t as tired at the end of the day, and I can see details more clearly. I swear by it to all my friends and family.

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