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Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops


Ignite, known as the ancient Amazonian “Drip Method”, is a morning dietary formula designed to help people fight obesity and related health problems.

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Ignite Drops is formulated using a blend of 12 powerful ingredients obtained from the Amazon basin that address the underlying cause of unhealthy weight gain, the dormant BAM15 levels. According to the research team behind the formulation of the supplement, this morning ritual will work for people of all ages and body types. This Ignite review will traverse every minute aspect of this formula to see if it is worth the money.

All the ingredients used in the Ignite formula are clearly given on the official website. The amounts of the 12 ingredients used are also as required. The Ignite ingredients are all-natural and have been used by an isolated tribe in the Amazon rainforests for many years. Here is the list of the ingredients that work together to promote weight loss and deliver other significant results:

Guarana Seed- (Guarana or Paullinia cupana) is a Brazilian climbing plant native to the Amazon basin. The seeds of Guarana are proven to support healthy weight loss by boosting the BAM15 levels in the body. It is also used to treat digestive problems and improve heart health.

Maca Root- Maca, scientifically known as Lepidium meyenii, is a Peruvian biennial plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat various illnesses. Maca root is used to improve mood and energy, enhance cognitive function, increase BAM15 for weight loss, and reduce blood pressure.

Astragalus Root- Astragalus propinquus is a Mongolian flowering plant that is beneficial for treating a wide variety of ailments. Astragalus roots are used to boost BAM15 levels, immune function, heart health, and kidney function. These roots are also proven to have anti-cancer properties and treat allergies.

Capsicum Annuum Fruit- Capsicum annuum is a plant native to southern North America, northern South America, and the Caribbean. Capsicum annuum fruit has been used in traditional medicine for years. It exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, supports heart health, reduces the effect of pain receptors in the brain, and cures back pain, body aches, and arthritis.

Grapefruit Seed- Citrus paradisi, commonly known as grapefruit, is a tropical citrus fruit packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber. The Ignite formula uses the seeds of grapefruit that are proven to support weight loss by increasing BAM15 levels, supporting immune function, preventing insulin resistance, and improving heart health.

African Mango- Bush mango or African mango, scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis, is an African tree that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. Studies suggest that African mango aids in weight loss, increases energy levels, improves blood circulation, boosts heart health, and strengthens bones.

Eleuthero Root- Eleuthero is an Asian herb whose parts like roots have been used in folk medicine for treating various illnesses. Studies suggest that Eleuthero roots increase energy levels, reduce fatigue, improve cognitive function, repair nerve damage, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Gymnema Leaf- Gymnema Sylvester, commonly known as Australian cowplant or Gurmar, is a woody wine native to Australia, Asia, and Africa. This plant is known as a “sugar destroyer” as it lowers blood sugar levels. Gymnema leaf also reduces inflammation, improves cholesterol, and elevates triglyceride levels.

Forskohlii Root- Forskohlii, scientifically termed Coleus forskalaei or Coleus barbatus, is a tropical perennial plant that is popular in traditional medicine. Forskohlii roots protect against glaucoma, lower insulin resistance, and alleviate blood pressure.

Green Tea Leaf Extract- Green tea leaf extract is a concentrated form of green tea and is rich in antioxidants. Studies suggest that green leaf extract delivers various health benefits, like improving bone health, supporting healthy cholesterol levels, and enhancing mental focus and alertness.

Grape Seed Extract- Green seed extract is a derivative of grape seed that is proven to have a range of health benefits. This Ignite ingredient lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow, reduces oxidative damage, increases collagen levels and bone strength, supports brain health, enhances kidney health, and protects the liver.

Panax Ginseng Root- Panax ginseng root is a type of root that is used in herbal medicine. Ginseng root helps increase BAM15 levels, reduces stress, and improves erectile dysfunction. Studies also suggest that ginseng roots help manage diabetes by stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving cognitive performance.

1 review for Ignite Amazonian Sunrise Drops

  1. Helen

    I lost 70 lbs on a program for 3 months with ignite drops along with eating fresh fruit, veggies and unprocessed foods. This product helps me to maintain my weight loss by curbing my appetite. It is great when you need a little boost.

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