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Liquid Death Mountain Water


Liquid Death is a canned-water company founded by Mike Cessario. Its tagline is “murder your thirst”. The drink is sold in a 16.9 US fl oz “tallboy” drink can. Its water is sourced from the Austrian Alps, where it is also canned.

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Some of the pros of this innovative water include:

Contains naturally occurring minerals, which you need for health and wellness
Bottled at the source
Comes from an underground natural water source in the Austrian Alps
Naturally alkaline
Thirst-quenching according to customer reviews
Great marketing and creative packaging makes it fun
Uses a more environmentally and less toxic can container instead of plastic
When you purchase, the company gives back
100% Mountain Water from the Alps
Water Made By Nature, Not In a Lab
Infinitely Recyclable (Plastic Bottles Are Not)
8.1+ PH // Over 2X More Electrolytes than Essentia, SmartWater, LifeWtr, Core, Aquafina. You might be wondering how any kind of water could be that special or unique, especially considering Liquid Death is more expensive than some other brands. We were wondering the same thing, so we did some research to figure it out and determine if it’s fancy water or something else going on here.

Liquid Death comes from an underground mountain source, protected by hundreds of feet of stone. Being mountain water does set it apart from other types of bottled water, which are just tap water that’s been processed.

When the company sources the water, it goes into their bottler and then straight into air-tight cans. Before it’s canned, the water is purified using a process that helps maintain the original mineral profile.

Here’s where it’s especially unique for this canned mountain water startup—these naturally occurring minerals are electrolytes. They fuel your body and quench your thirst.

The spring water source is in the Austrian Alps.

We looked at independent testing of the water not done by the manufacturer, finding it is not only high in minerals but also alkaline. In that same test, however, the sparkling water from the brand while high in minerals was found to be acidic.

There’s a lot of competition on the ever-expanding consumer water market, but Liquid Death does stand out.

1 review for Liquid Death Mountain Water

  1. Angelina

    I would so much rather grab a cold can of water compared to a plastic bottle. The taste is the greatest and we prefer to drink these instead of alcohol at home or at events. I love my subscription no more running out of something to drink.

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