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Optislim VLCD PLATINUM Shake Banana


The Platinum Banana Shake is a delicious creamy option, perfect for the banana smoothie lovers! The Optislim VLCD Platinum shake is a revolutionary and unique VLCD RAPID weight loss formulation!

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Designed to reduce hunger, increase fat burning, provide higher energy levels and accelerate weight loss results.

They contain all your daily nutritional requirements including 25 vitamins and minerals when you use 3 shakes per day. All Optislim VLCD products are interchangeable for added variety.

Whats in the Platinum Shakes?

High Protein
Ginseng (Higher Energy)
Glucomannan (Feel Fuller)
Green Coffee Extract (Fat Burning)

1 review for Optislim VLCD PLATINUM Shake Banana

  1. Michelle

    Banana is a great flavour and to be honest, so is Vanilla and Coffee and as we have not tried Chocolate as yet I cannot comment on that one. Very satisfied with the flavour and texture.

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