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Smash It Nutrient Infused Slimming Shake


Smash It Nutrient Infused Slimming Shake the only formula that can deliver dozens of pounds of effortless weight loss by stopping the metabolic revenge cycle. Smash it squashes cravings and silences hunger, while providing boundless energy for hours on end.

The First And Only Slimming Shake Formulated To Shut Down The Body’s Metabolic Revenge Cycle & Incinerate Up To 62 Pounds Of Fat. Smash-It! is a delicious slimming shake available in three flavors: savory vanilla-caramel, luscious chocolate, and heavenly strawberry. It’s packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals that shut down cravings and keep you satisfied and energized for hours. Yet it only has two grams of sugar and zero artificial sweeteners. And it doesn’t have a strange aftertaste or chalky texture, either. Simply enjoy a luxurious and filling Smash-It! shake for at least one full meal a day. Then watch those unhealthy extra pounds fall off with ease. Smash-It! contains Spectra™ — a clinically validated blend of 29 fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants. Spectra™ increases nitric oxide levels in the bloodstream by as much as 65%11, which may help acutely lower blood pressure. Plus Smash-It! also has a probiotic called L. acidophilus that improves cholesterol levels. And it even has Vitamins D, B6, B12 and Folic acid to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.

1 review for Smash It Nutrient Infused Slimming Shake

  1. Courtney

    I was looking for a protein drink, one that didn’t contain alot of sugar or carbs and that I didn’t have to mix with anything. I tried a few but Premier Protein tasted the best and had the highest number of protein gr available. I had broken my ankle and couldn’t stand up long enough to fix any meals so I drank two of these each day, leaving only one meal and snacks to fix. I was already 80 lbs overweight and was worried that lack of exercise or even being able to get up and walk around would cause me to gain more weight. However, imagine my surprise when I actually lost 44 lbs!

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